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photo of Lillian Ragudo laughing and sitting on stairs outside

I grew up in Spokane my whole life. I have always loved drawing and creating things. I found that I enjoyed design, while working at a student job at my first college, Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I sometimes helped prep and set up the student art galleries as well as assist with gallery events. I dove head first into design after this. I also decided to transfer to Eastern Washington University to save money on tuition and now major in Visual Communication Design and minor in Japanese. I really enjoy learning about Japanese culture and food, which led to my current job at the satellite campus for Mukogawa Women’s University as a resident assistant for their Japanese students. In my free time I enjoy playing any sort of tabletop game whether it’s a simple card game or Dungeons and Dragons. Tabletop games are my go to, but I also enjoy hiking and rock climbing with my friends as well as dabbling in photography, animation, screen printing, and book binding.

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